Research paper format apa

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Research paper format apa.

It isn’t self-sufficient, it reinforces a certain thesis. It must have liveliness and persuasiveness of the description, the presence of bright details. A certain orderliness of the description is expected.

It may be a story about an event, a person’s story or organization. Text is built in chronological order. In the essay-description there is no place for criticism and analysis, but subjectivity is still present – in the symptoms themselves, which you drew attention to, in the formulation, in emotional coloring.

Most often, the essay consists of five paragraphs, but the descriptive essay can be much longer.

If you are planning an essay out of five paragraphs, the main part should have three paragraphs, therefore, three supporting evidence that reveal your thesis.

If you want to get high marks for your essay, after writing a draft it is worthwhile to get down to work. Reread the essay several times, ruthlessly remove the failed paragraphs, add new arguments, find more catchy phrases – so you will get really interesting essay.

Ideally, the essay is written not for the teacher, but for the readers, so it makes sense to show it to a few acquaintances or colleagues. There are various ways to attract the attention of the reader. You can enter a quote that relates to your topic, present an interesting fact or statistics, suggest a definition or ask a rhetorical question. You can also tell an anecdote, give an analogy or a general observation on your topic.

The last sentence of your final paragraph  should contain one final statement on the topic of your work.

As the main thoughts consider the following options:

An explanation of how the topic affects the recipient

An explanation of how the narrow topic of your essay refers to a wider topic or observations

Calling the reader for action or further research on the topic

The posing of new questions that have been raised in your essay

But that’s not all. After the final approval of the content of the descriptive essay, it is still necessary to properly design and print it.