Research paper format apa

Research paper format apa.

It isn’t self-sufficient, it reinforces a certain thesis. It must have liveliness and persuasiveness of the description, the presence of bright details. A certain orderliness of the description is expected.

It may be a story about an event, a person’s story or organization. Text is built in chronological order. In the essay-description there is no place for criticism and analysis, but subjectivity is still present – in the symptoms themselves, which you drew attention to, in the formulation, in emotional coloring.

Most often, the essay consists of five paragraphs, but the descriptive essay can be much longer.

If you are planning an essay out of five paragraphs, the main part should have three paragraphs, therefore, three supporting evidence that reveal your thesis.

If you want to get high marks for your essay, after writing a draft it is worthwhile to get down to work. Reread the essay several times, ruthlessly remove the failed paragraphs, add new arguments, find more catchy phrases – so you will get really interesting essay.

Ideally, the essay is written not for the teacher, but for the readers, so it makes sense to show it to a few acquaintances or colleagues. There are various ways to attract the attention of the reader. You can enter a quote that relates to your topic, present an interesting fact or statistics, suggest a definition or ask a rhetorical question. You can also tell an anecdote, give an analogy or a general observation on your topic.

The last sentence of your final paragraph  should contain one final statement on the topic of your work.

As the main thoughts consider the following options:

An explanation of how the topic affects the recipient

An explanation of how the narrow topic of your essay refers to a wider topic or observations

Calling the reader for action or further research on the topic

The posing of new questions that have been raised in your essay

But that’s not all. After the final approval of the content of the descriptive essay, it is still necessary to properly design and print it.

Descriptive essay

Before writing a review, read the text being analyzed. Highlight in it the main thing, pay attention to the development of the plot, the character system, their connection, the author’s style, the paper writer ‘s position, the expression of the main idea. Observe all observations in the draft by the points, theses.

Analyzing a work of art, it’s necessary to separately write out the means of expressiveness, to note their role in the text, the semantic load, the nature of use, the significance for the disclosure of the idea.

Try to find some discrepancies, an insufficiently written out image of the hero, a style discrepancy, perhaps the storyline is not clearly or not so logical, the scene is outlined.

Speaking of drawbacks, remember that the review should be correct. All the wording in a good analysis is academic, delicate. They should be preceded by the following words: “in my opinion,” “in our opinion,” “is in doubt”.

Write about the relevance of the work. If you can’t connect it with modernity, you can confine yourself to conclusions about the role in the work of the writer, the literary direction.

Each position of your review should be clearly argued. Give examples, facts, quotes, establish links and build logical chains.

In the review you can use the method of comparison, drawing a parallel with another work. Of course, for this it is necessary to have a certain horizon, to give an appropriate comparison, which really will help to look at the text in a new, more objective way to evaluate it. The analysis should look natural. However, if you can correctly apply this technique, this will be an additional advantage of your work. Now such comparisons are practiced:

the text is compared with another work of the same author;

a parallel is made between two works of different authors working in one genre or at one time;

Compare works written on one theme;

a reference is made to a work with a similar idea;

the work of literature is compared with works of music, screen versions, theatrical productions.

Comparison should not be conducted throughout the entire review, but a successful parallel to enrich your analysis, you will be able to make original, unexpected conclusions, to argue for a personal point of view.

Reflective essay

It’s advisable to write an reflective essay in a certain sequence, gradually mastering the topic, thinking through the structure of the text, setting forth thoughts, carrying out verification and correction of the material.

If the topic is free, then paper writer should choose a well-known and not difficult area. She must really excite the author. Sometimes they write essays “from the opposite”, considering an idea that they do not agree with by entering into a polemic with another author.

Then it’s necessary to collect additional information, to understand the theme more deeply, to delve into its nuances, avoiding superficial interpretations. Even if the problem seems familiar enough, it is worthwhile to review the materials and search for new ones.

After all the information is already mastered, you need to take time to reflect on the problem. It’s good to take advantage of your own life experience, remember your personal impressions, it’s important to put your mind on a specific topic. It is desirable to minimize the use of common dies that do not carry the semantic load of phrases.

A sequence and logical structure is necessary, harmoniously formulating the meaning of the work. It is desirable to determine in advance the approximate size and number of paragraphs, parts of the text, to come up with subheadings reflective essay.

It is better to start immediately with the main thing, so it will be easier to write a text: designate 2-3 basic thoughts. The introduction, the necessary transitions and bundles can easily be supplemented later, and the most difficult is the beginning of the text creation.

When writing the main part, it is important to correctly express thoughts, do not forget about the means of expressiveness. You will need facts and evidence, vivid descriptions. It’s good to use the means of attracting reader attention: an unexpected transition, humor, a quote, a rhetorical question, an unusual idea or a fact.

In conclusion, draw conclusions, argue the position, give a concentrated result of the analysis.

After writing the main and final parts that it is recommended to proceed with the registration of the entry. Before this, you need to read the text, refresh all the main positions in memory, in the same style and direction to perform the introductory part. It is designed to attract the reader and make him want to continue his acquaintance with the essay. At the same time, the introduction should really correspond to the text as a whole, to be organically connected with it.

Process essay

The process essay contains an analysis of the work, concise and critical. The reviews are written by the heads of departments, they must be registered in the process of verifying the student’s thesis. Now it is necessary to be able to properly write a review and students of secondary school, because such work is universally practiced. Reviewing books that are studied within the framework of literature lessons, extracurricular reading, develops the ability to generalize, analyze, highlight the main thing, give your own justified assessment and express opinion. To write a good review in the traditions of the genre, in a brief and logical form to highlight all the key points of the text in question, it is necessary to remember a number of useful tips and work on a given algorithm.

First of all, pay attention to the topic of your review. If you yourself choose the text for review, it is advisable to dwell on what you are really interested in and familiar with. The best option is to consider a small work, for example, a story or a story. It is this text that you can explore in as much detail as possible, but not exceeding the specified volume, concisely and consistently. In the process of reviewing large texts, it may be difficult to properly arrange the composition of the review, make the analysis logical and complete, so it is more difficult to start with such work. Then, when you master the skill of reviewing, it will be useful for you to try to write a review for a large volume product. When you are given a specific text that needs to be reviewed, carefully study it, read it carefully, without missing anything process essay.

Remember that a review is not a retelling of the text. paper writer can quote the work, briefly cover storylines, events, images of heroes, but all this is necessary only to confirm your conclusions, the arguments of the assessments. You need to express personal opinion, to argue your position, citing specific examples from the text.