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Custom college essay examples of books and films in our time are very popular. After all, now a lot of novelties and premieres are offered to each of us, and how to understand what it is worth to spend your attention and money on, and what does not deserve it? If you do not know if it’s worth watching a movie, the reviews will help you decide.

And if you read a lot or often go to the cinemas, you must have thought about sharing your opinion with other connoisseurs of the genre. So, how to dissertation writing help reviews on books and films, so that they really were useful and liked by readers?

1. How is the year of release, the length of the film or the number of pages in the book, a little about the author, director, creators. Of course, if you write reviews on specialized sites, this information already and without you reported on the page of a movie or book. But if as a site for writing reviews you use your blog, public VKontakte or site, it is not superfluous to mention a few general facts about the peer-reviewed work.

2. Here is the golden rule – no spoilers. Spoilers mean such information, which reveals the plot intrigue and spoils the impression of viewing or reading. In other words, never write sentences in the spirit of “And then it turned out that the murderer is a gardener!”, And do not get carried away with the story.

Describe in brief the plot of the plot, the place where the action takes place.

3. You can not philosophize craftily and directly on the points to allocate, that you had to taste, and that did not like at all. Here is an approximate list of items:


Director’s work;

Operator’s work;

Author’s style;

Live or “cardboard” characters;


The message, the idea, the main idea;

Unexpected twists of the plot;

Actually, for this, it was the writing of a review, otherwise it would be possible to read nothing and not to watch anything at all, and write a review of the film based on other people’s opinions. Even if it seems to you that the opinion of a professional literary critic or some famous actor or director has more weight and deserves to be mentioned in your review, remember: if a person is looking for reviews on books or films, then he is interested in the opinion of ordinary people.